The streets of Oaxaca after a feverish night at the Casa de Cultura el Nuevo Babel. Things are very real. Music heals. 


New Song written for the South Dakota Sioux men imprisoned in the Yankton 4 case

Welcome Home

Hello again friends and readers. This is Robert writing to tell you that we've been busy here at Robert Kuhn Music catching up with all of the technology, media and social internet password encryption graphic design web work that seems to be necessary to make it in the music world. We are about to release a new album, Maria the Gun, and it sounds awesome. We want to make all of the art and graphics and website stuff just as top notch, so all of my friends have been getting together a little bit and are helping us get this off the ground. I think this new webpage is super cool and asthetically pleasing as well as efficient. Yall know me right? Thank you to all the dope artists that have invested their energies into this project to uplift the songs, music and culture of ourselves.